Nancy Schumacher

Executive Vice President, Travel and Tour Operations, National Geographic Partners

Nancy Schumacher is Executive Vice President, Travel and Tour Operations for National Geographic Partners. Previously, Schumacher was the CEO and co-founder of Global Adrenaline, a full-service tour operator acquired by National Geographic in May 2017.

Schumacher was working in the finance sector when a trip to the Himalayas inspired her to envision new ways to support local businesses and developing economies. Her passion for bringing curious people to remote areas of the world and promoting culturally sensitive tourism inspired Schumacher to create Global Adrenaline in 2001. Meaningful and sustainable tourism remains central to her travel philosophy, as well as that of National Geographic Travel.

Schumacher received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Princeton University, a master’s degree in development economics from the University of Oxford and a MBA from Harvard. Schumacher began her career working in international finance for J.P. Morgan, the World Bank and Altgate Capital. Schumacher is an avid hiker, scuba diver and skier.